Details of the meeting

Date:   22 - 23 May 2017

Address: Plaza Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta 2 - Madrid

Second meeting in Madrid (22 – 23 May 2017)

In this path to examine in depth the policies of integration for the migrant population, in Madrid it will begin an analyse of the key factor of the welfare system: labour market, education/training, which will help to delineate a picture of activated paths in the EU Countries involved in the Project.

Moreover, it will begin a reflection on the need to activate format of dialogue with the immigrant communities to engage them as co-producers of the welfare systems. As first input to this reflection, it is going to be introduced the concept of co-production and a model of partnership with migrant associations to build shared integration and local welfare policies.

Program of the meeting

Directions to Plaza de Santa Maria Soledad Torres Acosta in Madrid Metro, bus, train, tram