Details of the meeting

Date:   02 - 03 Mar 2017

Address: Via Nuova Marina, 19/C - Napoli

First meeting in Naples (2 – 3 March 2017) to tackle the situation in different reference contexts; the discussion will deal with the integration process as a whole at national level, starting from acknowledging that all the countries involved have different positions on the matter, also in light of the recent changes: consequences of the economic crisis, problems related to young generations, increasing flows of asylum seekers, generalised sentiment of suspicion and mistrust among and on the part of EU countries; sharing experiences should unveil today’s challenges and allow us to outline a common platform of issues, questions, on which to work on the future.

Programma dell’incontro seminariale

Brochure informativa sul progetto

Come arrivare in Via Nuova Marina, 19/C dalla Stazione di Napoli Centrale – Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi:
1- Da Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi e Corso Umberto I

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2- Da Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi e Via Nuova Marina
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3-  L1

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