Within the Project the following Outputs are planned:

  • a Desk research outlining, in the beginning phase, a framework of rules and experimentations that were activated in the various contexts, to establish a solid working basis for the development of the planned activities;
  • six Benchmarking (at the end of the six transnational meetings) on the existing services in favour of immigrants, in order to assess the “efficiency” of the activated interventions, to outline the contexts, the ongoing dynamics, the virtuosity, or the critical gaps;
  • a specific report on the Second / Third generations that should identify problems and questions, and propose at the same time answers and solutions aimed at a better social cohesion;
  • six specific dossier on the implemented national policies;
  • a brochure on the Model of the Best Practice identified for integration, also including useful elements for a common policy for the reception / integration of refugees and asylum seekers;
  • a Booklet on the specific practice of intercultural dialogue which will have been tested during the project;
  • a Charter for integration to be disseminated and transferred through the network of the reinforced partnership.